Connectivity Partner Programme

When you become a Redcentric broadband connectivity partner you join a network with over 500 resellers that are selling cost-effective ADSL connectivity services.

Redcentric can provide you 21CN Broadband at 20CN prices.

Whether you need to upgrade your own existing ADSL platform to 21CN or outsource your 21CN ADSL services to a proven third party, Redcentric can help:

  • Cost-effective high speed connectivity - 21CN wholesale broadband from Redcentric with speeds of up to 20Mbps, at a lower cost than traditional 8Mb connections. As a result, you provide the improved connection speeds your customers' demand - at less cost and improved margins.
  • Responsive provisioning - With just a couple of clicks of your mouse, you can automatically provision all our broadband services via your own branded self service portal - and at a time to suit you and your customers.
  • Inclusive support costs - All our wholesale broadband pricing includes branded IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) and telephone support 24*7.
  • Dedicated account manager - for a single point of contact.
  • Private DSL Connectivity - Redcentric's connectivity services team can help with the planning, design and implementation of secure, reliable private DSL for your clients - including Wi-Fi.
  • Compliance with the Digital Economy Bill - all Redcentric's connectivity solutions ensure you adhere to the requirements of the Digital Economy Bill.
  • Reliable, robust additional online services - customers are increasingly demanding trusted, familiar online services.