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5 tips for adopting ITIL

Posted by Tim Wilkinson | 24 Aug 2011, 09:16 AM


With the ITIL 2011 Editions recently published, I’ve been thinking about what ITIL brings to service management. As Divisional Director of Customer Services at Redcentric, it’s definitely one of the big guns in my armoury.

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10 reasons the government should use a managed service provider

Posted by Peter Nailer | 2 Aug 2011, 13:26 PM


A new report by the government’s public administration committee has found that an “obscene amount of public money” is being wasted on IT. The report, “Government and IT – A Recipe For Rip-Offs: Time For A New Approach” warns that the government will be “doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past” if it does not learn to be more “intelligent” in its dealings with IT suppliers.

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IT Directors Forum: Findings Part 1

Posted by Stefan Haase | 21 Jun 2011, 14:12 PM


The Public Sector has undoubtedly been hit by the comprehensive Spending Review and the cuts that have been applied to a variety of their sector verticals – blue lights, local government, health and so on.

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Are other providers investing…or simply in denial?

Posted by Stefan Haase | 15 May 2011, 11:13 AM


In a competitive marketplace, it’s true that customers are swayed by attention grabbing headlines of growth, with the promise of big brand security and savings.

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