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Redcentric is committed to operational excellence and to ensuring that the exceptionally high levels of availability we offer are continuously maintained – and one key area where we focus is regularly testing our backup power generation.

As a central London data centre we have to maintain continuous power for our customers and protection against failures on either of the two mains electrical feeds. We operate two complete and totally separate diesel generator systems, each capable of delivering full power to the facility continuously. For example, even if there were a power failure whist one of our diesel generators was being serviced, our full power generation capability would be maintained. Even if one of our diesel generators failed to start, changeover to another generator is fully automatic.

It’s essential that we maintain these systems in full working order at all times, and so our testing regime takes place once a month and is extremely rigorous. It’s a three stage process which looks like this:

  • Firstly, our technical operations staff simulate a ‘failure’ on one or both of the mains electricity feeds to the data centre
  • We then check that the mains failure is correctly detected and that the generators have started correctly
  • Lastly, we run the entire data centre on diesel generator power for around an hour before switching back to the mains

Many other organisations, including some professional data centres, do not have such a thorough testing regime and reply on luck to ensure that everything works correctly when needed. This is not Redcentric’s operations philosophy – and only by continuous and rigorous testing can our customers be assured that everything will work correctly if such a situation occurs.



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