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Remote Working

Drop in PC sales shows a change in IT use

Posted by Phil Dyson | 23 Apr 2013, 15:18 PM


PC sales dropped by an unprecedented 14% in the first quarter of 2013, with just 76.3 million units being shipped in the first three months of the year. But what has caused such a sudden dip in demand? And how are businesses responding?

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Importance of remote working in the face of snow

Posted by Phil Dyson | 15 Jan 2013, 17:31 PM


This week the Met office has issued an ‘amber / be prepared’ warning of heavy snow in the North East, Yorkshire and the East Midlands. How will this affect your business operations? Some extraordinary figures have been circulated since the last bout of heavy snowfall, numbers that will have unsurprisingly worried business owners and management teams ever since. Increasingly, snow and adverse weather conditions cause travel chaos across the UK, with roads often impassable and public transport unusable. The result of this is that staff are unable to get to the office, and can mean that your business grinds to a halt.

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