HSCN Summit

Redcentric will be attending the HSCN Summit 2017 at QEII Centre in London on 6th April 2017. The event will give employees at organisations migrating from N3 to HSCN the opportunity to engage with key decision makers from across the public sector organisations.

The HSCN Summit is a unique event aimed at organisations who are involved in the migration from N3 to HSCN. By giving organisations the chance to network and engage with both similar organisations and key decision makers in the public sector, the event aims to provide an insight into the best options for migrating from N3, when you can move away from N3 and how to get the best value for money.

Presentation: How to take advantage of the new opportunities offered via the HSCN network

Join Redcentric’s Mark Hall, Chief Assurance Office and Phil Moore NHS Account Director at 11.30am as they cover:

Organisations have various options for where to run workloads; on premise, co-lo, third party private cloud and public cloud services but in health and care, this choice is not straightforward. Compliance with information governance requirements is one factor. And there is a further challenge in the context of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), where there is a need to connect people from different organisations on disparate domains, who are using different systems across diverse locations.

In this session, we will look at how it is possible to connect securely via HSCN to both private and public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, in order to promote collaboration, improve the patient experience and outcomes, and bring about cost savings through service reconfiguration.