Law Firm Cybersecurity Conference

13 June 2017

On the 13th June, Redcentric in partnership with Fortinet will be exhibiting and presenting at The Law Firm Cyber Security Conference at The Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester. The event focuses on protecting clients in the digital age with the growing threat posed by cybercrime.

Cyberattacks on law firms within the UK has increased by 20% during 2015 to 2016, which has meant more than 70% of leading firms have reported some form of cyberattack. Law firms are being targeted due to the large amount of sensitive data as well as the valuable client information they hold within their IT systems. The event will help legal firms understand what the implications of the Government’s £1.9 billion cybersecurity strategy is, what their obligations are under GDPR when that comes into effect and how to avoid becoming a victim of cyber criminals.

Redcentric’s experts will be on hand to discuss how we can help protect yourself against these cyberattacks in partnership with Fortinet. Further details around our presentation will be announced shortly.