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HSCN (The Health and Social Care Network) is the next iteration of the N3 network and is a national private network for health and care organisations. The single network aims to improve health and patient care whilst reducing costs through better use of data and technology.

Redcentric is a HSCN-compliant CN-SP (Consumer Network Service Provider), we’re able to provide connectivity services to those that are HSCN compliant and help those organisations wishing to connect to HSCN.

Webcast: A Technical Look at moving from N3 to HSCN

In our latest webcast we look at key obligations for future consumers of HSCN as the HSCN Connection Agreement replaces the N3 Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC). These include the responsibilities to consumers of HSCN such as; Incident reporting, Network monitoring, Securing information and HSCN service information.

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HSCN Connectivity

A secure and reliable high-bandwidth HSCN connection that allows organisations to improve the way they conduct business with health and social care organisations.

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If you are looking to connect to HSCN, you must ensure your organisation meets the assurance obligations required to connect. A CN-SP (Consumer Network Service Provider) can help you meet the required guidelines.

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Peering Exchange

Redcentric has been chosen by NHS Digital as the provider to deliver the HSCN Peering Exchange based on our dedication, quality of people and history of work within public & health care.

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