Managed Database Services - What is it and how can it help your business?


08 July 2016

In this webcast, Redcentric's Application Services Director, Len Sumner, gives an overview to Managed Database Support Services. He discusses the database services that they provide, the real issues that organisations face with database management and how Redcentric can help businesses get the most from their databases and investments.

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IaaS: Turning on the tap to extra capacity


25 February 2016

In this webcast, Redcentric's Public Sector Director, Mark Hall, talks about Infrastructure as a Service and how the service can help public sector organisations to meet growing infrastructure demands for additional capacity whilst meeting the reliability and security data required by their regulations.

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The Smart And Connected Workspace


17 December 2015

In this webcast, Cisco Solutions Architect, Steve McKee, discusses varying technology to attract, retain and keep connected the various generations within your workforce to create a happy and productive environment.

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Certified For Government?


10 December 2015

In this webcast Mark Hall explains how Redcentric can help you meet Government Security & Assurance standards

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Ignore culture at your peril - success in the Charity sector


19 November 2015

In this webcast, Adam Fisher from charity organisation Sue Ryder Care discusses how important it is for the sector to embrace change to avoid the danger of getting left behind.

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Unified Comms One Year On


22 October 2015

In this webcast, Paul Storey from Redcentric takes a look at UC options available and how the right UC choices can change productivity and ROI.

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Running Amazon Workloads On Private Clouds


22 October 2015

In this webcast, Lester Wade from HP talks about plans to provide a path from developing on AWS, to hosting on private clouds.

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The Benefits of Redcentric's new DRaaS


22 October 2015

In this webcast, Michael Fife gives a demonstration of simple, cost effective and regulatory compliant DRaaS solution

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The Voice Roadmap


22 October 2015

In this webcast, Paul Storey talks about projected release dates for Cisco HCS and the upgrade to Skype for Business

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Mitigating Advanced Persistent Threats


06 August 2015

The threat landscape is constantly changing with new threats being discovered on a daily basis. Keeping up with these threats is a massive challenge for businesses and security experts so, in this webcast, Stuart Brown from Redcentric and Dave Venman of Palo Alto Networks give an update on the threat landscape and how Redcentric and Palo Alto Networks have teamed up to provide solutions that can help protect your business.

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The New IP - The next dimension in networking


26 March 2015

The new IP is the next dimension in networking and is changing the way our networks are being designed and provisioned. Shaping the way networks and data centers will be built in the future, the new IP allows customers to evolve their networks on their time, their terms. In this webcast, Clive Atkins from Redcentric and Simon Williams from Brocade explore this exciting development in networking and explain how it will benefit you.

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Delivering software services to the Healthcare sector


03 November 2014

Innovative clinical applications and software services are constantly being developed to support the new programmes and practises now being used by healthcare professionals within the NHS. Mark Hall discusses how Redcentric can help organisations deliver their services into the N3 community in a secure, effective and cost efficient manner.

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Are you ready to connect to the N3 network?


03 November 2014

Getting your organisation ready to connect into the NHS N3 network is often considered complex and not for those without the experience or of faint heart. With over 11 years doing just that for many organisations, Mark Hall discusses how to ensure that your organisation is operating effectively and aligned with the stringent Governance requirements to become connected to and operate within the N3 network.

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Delivering collaboration and data efficiencies to a connected NHS


03 November 2014

A modern NHS requires the ability to share information securely between Trusts, NHS entities and third parties to allow efficient collaboration. This is a simple concept, but in reality it can be quite complex. In his latest webcast, Mark Hall, Redcentric’s resident N3 expert, looks at how the NHS can share data and encourage collaboration with secure N3 hosting.

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N3 Remote Access - the benefits to healthcare professionals and patients


03 November 2014

Healthcare professionals can increase mobility to support services such as community care by utilising N3 remote access, providing a secure connection to N3 services, information and applications such as patient medical histories and Electronic Prescriptions Service (EPS). Mark Hall discusses how increased mobility within your workforce can benefit patient care and create cost-efficiencies.

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Software Defined Networks and today's data centre


15 October 2014

In this webcast, Redcentric team up with Brocade to look at Software Defined Networks (SDN). Over the course of the webcast, we will look at what Software Defined Networks (SDN) are, use cases and what they mean for your data centre, as well as exploring the journey into SDN and how you may go about preparing your data centre.

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The advantages of managed wireless solutions


02 October 2014

A wireless network can improve mobility, provide Wi-Fi access for guests and support your organisation's BYOD strategy. However, building a wireless network that delivers against these needs can be complex. If you're looking to implement a wireless network within the workplace you should take the time to look at the requirements for the infrastructure. Paul Smith discusses what businesses should be looking for and how Redcentric with Aruba Networks technology can provide a secure and effective managed wireless solution.

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Assessing and mitigating the risk of advanced persistent threats


27 August 2014

Over a series of webcasts, Redcentric take a look at some of the key IT security issues that your business should be aware of. In this, the first webcast in the series we look at assessing and mitigating advanced persistent threats. Stuart Brown, Principal Architect at Redcentric and Andrew Barrett of Palo Alto Networks explore today's threat landscape, and look at advanced attackers actions and security solutions to combat attacks.

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The use of automation and orchestration within IT service provision


30 July 2014

As demand on our services increases, we at Redcentric need to ensure that service delivery is controlled and maintained. In this webcast, Jonathon Birch looks at how, by using automation and orchestration, we are able to deliver new services faster to businesses whilst keeping the high service level as accustomed to from Redcentric.

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Getting connected to the N3 network


03 July 2014

In this webcast, Mark Hall provides an in-depth overview of the N3 network and the process involved in connecting to it. In his role at Redcentric Mark provides critical direction and leadership for our range of managed services and advanced software solutions into the public sector including the National Health Service and UK Central Government.

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