Data Management

All data has a value, which changes over time. So why do most businesses manage transactional records, user files and old emails in the same way. Redcentric's data management solutions help you meet the immediate challenges of balancing cost vs. risk for active data, and formulating a long-term strategy for inactive data retention and deletion.

Redcentric's data management solutions acknowledge the difference between critical, operational and legacy data, so you don't pay for continuous data replication when only regular backups are required, and old files won't be kept on medium/high cost storage when you can simply archive on more cost effective media.

As a credible alternative to the traditional 'one size fits all' compromise, Redcentric's pay-monthly data management solution enables you to store and protect data more cost-effectively, at every stage of its lifecycle.

Benefits of our Data Management solution


Reduce data management costs

Reduce overall spend on data and information management.


Manage data growth

Control data growth by classifying and archiving inactive and compliance data.


Define data management policies

Define retention policies for primary, archive and backup data.


Reduce Disaster Recovery times

Reduction of backup data and backup window, as well as Disaster Recovery times.