Data Replication

Business data is vital to your organisation. Data replication allows your business to benefit from a consistent data source and contributes towards an effective business continuity plan.

Features of our Data Replication service


Mirroring functionality

Continual data replication throughout the day allows you to recover data at the point of failure.


Disaster Recovery

Your data can be recovered via a telecoms link or delivery of a portable Filer.


Pay-Per-Month replication

Reduce your site's physical hosting & power requirements with our cost-effective replication.


Scalable replication solution

Our service has unlimited capability for data growth and scales with your business' needs.

Data replication dramatically improves the availability of up-to-date data across your organisation, allowing multiple locations and mobile workers to work efficiently from the most current data. Replication allows multiple users to work with their own localised copy of a database, however the database is updated as if they are working on a central database.

Continuous data replication for effective business continuity planning

When critical data is stored on your local site, traditionally via tape backup, it does not provide adequate protection or business continuity should that site be affected by an outage or disaster. Data replication ensures that data can be backed up from the point before any interruption.

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