IT outsourcing vs IT out-tasking

An overview of the differences between outsourcing and out-tasking

Businesses often confuse the terms I.T outsourcing & I.T out-tasking. They offer very different approaches for reducing information technology (IT) costs.

Redcentric is a specialist in IT out-tasking. Specifically for:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Database Managed Services
  • Mainframe Managed Services

Outsourcing moves the execution or management of the whole IT function to an external provider for a monthly/annual cost. This offers compelling benefits for businesses that want to focus on their core business and not build a large IT department.

Alternatively, out-tasking allows companies to hand over a specific IT operation or function to another organisation, rather than the whole IT function.

Out-tasking companies act as additional staff resources to the internal IT team and bring specific knowledge and expertise supported by sophisticated tools and best practices.

When your company's IT department needs assistance or is getting ready to start a new IT project, make sure you clearly consider whether it is a candidate for full IT outsourcing or for a more controlled, flexible out-tasking approach.