Why out-task?

The key benefits of out-tasking for your business

Redcentric delivers secure and cost effective datacentre solutions for UK (SME) small and medium enterprise customers:

  • Fast and cost effective connectivity solutions
  • Datacentre solutions incorporating technology from Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, IBM, Fortinet and Oracle
  • Highly secure UK-based hosting and IaaS services
  • Full infrastructure management
  • Outsourcing your IT Offshore /Out-task helps you optimise and run your datacentre services

Benefits include:

  • IT out-tasking/offshoring creates value across all parts of your business
  • Reduce your exposure to IT related risks
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Ability to expand without the need for additional capital expenditure
  • Ability to ramp up or ease back activities at short notice
  • Enhances your competitive footing in uncertain markets
  • Go green
  • Complete control over your offshore/out-task activities

With Redcentric IT out-tasking/offshoring you can be certain of having complete control over your outsourced/offshore IT activities. Thanks to our 100 percent owned, 100 percent UK-managed Redcentric offshore resource in Hyderabad, India, you always know exactly who you are dealing with - and you can specify services from our expanding portfolio of remote infrastructure management capabilities.

With Redcentric you gain the flexibility required to make smart resourcing decisions, leaving your specialist UK-based IT staff free to focus on the more strategic activities that can generate added value opportunities.