IP transit

IP transit from a leading business only ISP

IP transit is the provision of internet access in a resilient and highly available manner to the rest of the Internet. IP transit can be provided via direct network interconnects within the UK's major data centres or alternatively delivered across high capacity access circuits.

We provide IP Transit via our own high speed, resilient core network. With multiple on-net locations throughout the UK and Europe we deliver internet connectivity via global public and private peering arrangements.


  • Multiple on-net locations
  • Delivery to all major UK Internet peering points
  • Static or dynamic BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) delivery
  • Provider allocated (PA) and provider independent (PI) addressing
  • Options for managed and redundant CPE (customer premises equipment) configurations
  • Solutions for IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Supported and managed by dual Redcentric Network Operations Centres (NOCs)
  • Delivery via next generation access such as fibre optic or directly into our private MPLS cloud