21CN Support

Thank you for using our 21CN support web page. We hope the information supplied will answer your questions, however if not please use the contact details below to talk with a member of our staff who will be happy to help.

As per the communication you will have received; Redcentric has recently upgraded it's broadband network, enabling us to offer 21st Century Network (21CN) products to our customers. This will, in time, allow us to offer ADSL 2+ connections to enable greater speeds and performance

To explain further, BT have been upgrading their infrastructure around the UK for some time now and currently have 60% of all exchanges 21CN enabled. 86% of our customers services are provided through a 21CN enabled exchange. BT are continuing to upgrade their networks and hope to have every exchange fully enabled over time.

To enable 21CN on the Redcentric network we need to migrate all of the customers that have Redcentric provided broadband on upgraded exchanges. We have agreed with BT to start phase 1 of these migrations on the 29th November and conclude them on the 17th December. If you are to be migrated in phase 1 the date for each line will have been supplied during the telephone call or letter that you have received. Further phases will follow in the New Year and we will hopefully complete all migrations by the middle of 2011.

To keep things as simple as possible, we will be migrating all customers onto the ADSL MAX product (details are attached to this page for your reference). This means that if you have ADSL MAX your service will continue as normal. However, if you are on ADSL speeds of 2Mb/s and below then improvements in speed should be noticeable.

If you already have an ADSL MAX (8Mb/s) product, this process will allow us to be able to provide you with even greater speeds in the future if your line will allow it. Further information about upgrading your line to achieve higher speeds will be communicated to you once our migration project is complete.

As BT are conducting the physical work in the exchange this will need to be done Monday - Friday between the hours of 08:00 & 18:00.

We trust the below FAQ will answer any questions you may have and thank you for your patience whilst we make these positive improvements to the services we provide to you.

Redcentric Broadband - Guide to ADSL MAX

  • Q. What impact will I see to my service
  • A. On the day of the migration the telephone wires will be physically moved from the 20CN DSLAM and re connected into the 21CN DSLAM by the BT engineer in the local exchange. This will cause your service to become disconnected for up to 20 minutes whilst this work is completed.
  • Q. What do I need to do during this work?
  • A. Nothing, service will automatically resume once the cables have been moved.
  • Q. What if service does not resume automatically?
  • A. In the event that this does happen please switch your router off, wait a minute then turn the power back on again. Wait for a few minutes and try service again. If it has still not returned then please contact the team below for help.
  • Q. My service seems to be fluctuating in speed, why?
  • A. ADSL MAX as a product is designed to work out what is the best consistent speed the service can attain. Over the first ten days after the migration it will periodically re-train itself to ensure it has found the optimum speed for you. After ten days this will settle and remain consistent.
  • Q. When will I know when my service is moving?
  • A. You should receive a letter from us advising when this will occur. We will endeavour to send this to you well in advance of the work occurring.