Hosted messaging and collaboration

Improve communications in your organisation

Take advantage of the latest developments in secure cloud hosting and delivery, hosted messaging and collaboration without having to invest in implementing and maintaining a traditional infrastructure and data centre.

We all know what the advantages of using messaging and collaboration are; the challenge is to implement them in such a way as to provide easily accessible systems, and manage these effectively to gain the maximum return on investment.

Redcentric can deliver a range of key industry leading solutions, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Lync, via its own dedicated and resilient shared services platforms.

The advantages and features of these services are:

  • Access available from all locations with internet connectivity
  • Fully managed infrastructure
  • On-demand capacity that scales with business growth
  • High availability infrastructure and design
  • Quick to deploy and implement solutions
  • Email, documents and reporting collaboration via voice, video and instant messaging
  • Other shared services integrated, such as Virtual Servers and Desktops
  • Available as a secure internet facing service or private cloud service. These are delivered as part of a Redcentric MPLS Solution