Landline Solutions

Redcentric can provide landline calls and line rental

We offer:

  • A price competitive range of landline products, and outstanding customer service
  • Your lines will continue to be provided using the BT network, and
  • BT Openreach engineers will fix your faults and install new lines in the same way as they would if you bought directly from BT Retail

Why are we more cost-effective than BT Retail?

Through a strategic partnership, we rent lines in bulk from BT Openreach at much cheaper prices than you can on your own - we pass on that saving to you.

We offer:

  • Highly competitive call rates to all destinations
  • Analogue PSTN lines, and ISDN2 and ISDN30 digital channels
  • Full set of telephone features: voicemail, call forwarding etc
  • A range of care levels with associated fault fix timescales
  • Why are we different?

We hate mis-selling whereby sales people simply make wild guesses about how much you can save and normally exaggerate. We won't tolerate that; so we re-rate every call that you make and give you an exact saving against your bespoke call mix. Ideally we'd like an electronic bill so that we can import it into our "Tariffmatch" system but if that's not available a paper bill will do.

We offer 3 levels of account management dependent upon the size of the customer:


If a customer spends over £1,000 per month then we will give you a named service manager who will handle everything for you: a single point of contact for adds, moves, changes, faults, bill payments and queries.


If a customer spends over £250 per month then they will be handled by a specialist team who are highly trained so that they can handle any type of query.


Smaller business customers will be handled in our UK call centre by specialist teams for faults, provisioning, etc.
Delivered in conjunction with Adept Telecom. All trademarks and IPR are acknowledged.