Unified communications

Improve communications in your organisation

Unified communications, the convergence of business communications across the IP network, gives users control over how they communicate and collaborate with others.

Whether you are a customer interacting with a contact centre or a remote worker logging on to a conference call, unified communications gives you the ability to communicate using the tools that you have at your disposal.

Using our experience and in-house skills, Redcentric designs and delivers a single platform that unifies existing communications systems with new applications and devices. Whether you are planning a full or phased migration to a unified communications environment, we can work with you to develop a tailored roadmap.

A typical Redcentric converged solution involves the following

  • Help clients develop their unified communications strategy
  • Assess the benefits of increased productivity and collaboration
  • Perform readiness audits of the existing infrastructure
  • IP PBX selection, design and build based on client availability needs
  • Design underlying network and telephony infrastructure
  • Interconnect to TDM and PSTN voice networks
  • Unified Messaging and application integration
  • Voice and Video Conferencing
  • 24x7 support and remote monitoring
  • Include telephony in business continuity plans

Business benefits - unified communications

  • A better work life balance from flexible working
  • Less cost - one network carries both voice and data
  • Faster access to data, when and where it's needed, through integrated comms
  • Faster business processes, for example sales staff get CRM data and autodialing by linking comms and applications
  • Contacting colleagues faster with one number for fixed and mobile phones
  • Prioritise emails, telephone and mobile calls more easily
  • Reduced business travel, supporting the green agenda
  • A streamlined supply chain
  • Conferencing and collaboration tools for information sharing over distance
  • IP telephony for free calls to branch offices

There are different models for deploying unified communications. It may be introduced at one core location or in branch offices or as a hosted service. There may also be a hybrid approach where some of the components are hosted and the others installed on the premises.

A business that considers unified communications to be the next step forwards may wish to start by conducting a thorough review of its infrastructure. This will ascertain which areas of the networks require investment and the best way to introduce changes and new capabilities. Redcentric's experience and expertise is invaluable here. With a number of successful projects already completed, Redcentric has a genuine, detailed understanding of UC - not just the technical solutions, but also the business requirements and how to assess the return that the new technology will deliver over time.

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Contact centre functionality helps organisations to transform the overall customer experience by putting the customer at the heart of the business, not just in the contact centre.


Presence information enables users to understand the availability of other users, such as colleagues, and to select the best method of communicating with them.

Voice, video and web collaboration

Collaboration enables your employees, suppliers, customers and business partners to share information via voice, video or web conferencing regardless of where they are and the devices they have available.


Mobility solutions are accelerating the up-take of unified communications because they enable users to access all the same applications they have at home or in the office while they are on the road, allowing them to be more efficient.

Unified messaging

Redcentric provides support for mixed deployments of voice, integrated, and unified messaging