Business Internet Access

To complement our hosting, voice and managed services, Redcentric can provide you with a robust and reliable internet service delivery platform to interconnect data centres, offices and remote workers, ideal for your high-performance business requirements.

The Redcentric connectivity services team specialises in the planning, design and implementation of network access as part of a standalone or end-to-end managed solution.

Business only internet access provides your organisation with:

Scalable business Internet access - Our business Internet access service is able to scale and grow with the demands of your business-critical applications that require 100% uptime. Additionally we offer 'burstable' Internet bandwidth on demand when needed.

Lower the cost of business Internet access - By utilising Redcentric's IP network businesses can dramatically reduce the cost of telecommunications circuits required to deliver Internet access into a business.

Our business Internet access options - Redcentric offers a range of connectivity options with speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps. Our services are designed to meet your business requirements and deliver high-performance managed Internet access. To provide the highest quality of service we don't work with domestic users, this leaves our network uncongested for our business Internet access customers.

Business broadband

With connectivity up to 40Mb/s, Redcentric broadband offers low cost connectivity with business-level reliability

Ethernet leased lines

A fully-managed Ethernet leased line from Redcentric offers a flexible connection that can grow with your business - with capacity ranging from 2 to 1000Mb/s and rental terms ranging from 1 to 5 years.


EFM offers organisations uncontended bandwidth at an affordable price

High capacity services

For the most demanding requirements, high capacity services (HCS) can deliver up to 10Gb/s low-latency connectivity.

IP transit

IP transit from Redcentric can be provided via direct network interconnects within the UK's major data centres or alternatively delivered across high capacity access circuits.

Provider independent managed service

BGP (border gateway protocol) managed services

Rapid Site Deployment

A fast way to get your business online