Jignesh Patel
Business Development Director

I’ve worked in the data centre industry for over two decades, having held positions at companies like Equinix, Iron Mountain, and BT. I’ve developed a broad understanding of telecoms, IT security, performance optimisation, and cloud technology adoption.

I’ve had the opportunity to work across various verticals and this diverse exposure has equipped me with a broad perspective on different market needs and customer expectations, which helps me in my current role to foster strong relationships.

I’ve mainly worked in customer-facing roles and colocation services. This involves not just understanding our client’s needs but also ensuring that our service delivery aligns with their strategic goals.



Customers are typically looking for a robust and flexible platform that can support both their current and future digital needs. They need a data centre provider that offers a comprehensive suite of services that spans cloud connectivity, private infrastructure, WAN, IP services, and site-to-site connectivity. This array of services ensures that they can deploy their services efficiently across their sites and maintain seamless communication with their partners.

Another crucial factor for our customers is the support for their transformation journey. They are looking for a provider that not only understands where they are now but also where they need to go. This involves supporting the full spectrum of digital transformation from the initial stages to the complete digital overhaul.

Many of our customers are faced with the challenge of integrating and maintaining legacy systems alongside new technologies. These systems are sometimes decades old, designed in-house, or acquired through mergers and acquisitions. It’s vital for them that a data centre provider can accommodate these legacy systems while also facilitating the adoption of new technologies. This dual capability ensures that they can transition at a pace that suits their business needs without disrupting their ongoing operations.

With the rapid pace of change, companies increasingly rely on their data centre providers for guidance on best practices and future-proofing their investments. They value a partner who can help navigate the complexities of modern IT environments and suggest optimal ways to leverage new technologies for competitive advantage. This guidance is key in helping them stay ahead in a fast-changing market.

What really drew me to Redcentric was its distinctive approach to data centre solutions, particularly how it integrates and aligns with customer needs, whether they’re SMEs or large enterprises.

Redcentric is unique in being able to offer the most comprehensive suite of complementary services that not only support businesses where they might lack internal capabilities but also scale with them as they grow. This ability to act as an extended arm for our clients, providing everything from basic rack setups to complex, customised solutions, sets us apart in the industry.

Moreover, Redcentric stands out through its commitment to value-add and interconnection within a single architecture and location. We focus solely on the UK market, which allows us to foster closer, more responsive relationships with our clients. We provide a ‘one pane of glass’ approach, a single platform to manage and integrate all their systems seamlessly. This is particularly beneficial for companies looking to streamline operations and ensure consistency across their IT environments.

Our customer focus means we can offer SMEs bundled, off-the-shelf products that include everything from physical rack space to internet connectivity and remote management. While for the enterprise spectrum, we provide bespoke solutions designed to meet specific requirements like caging, and private suites. These aren’t prebuilt; we construct each solution to suit the exact needs of the customer, which really allows us to stand out in how we serve these customers across different market segments.

Redcentric is keenly focused on addressing the evolving needs of AI-centric computing and storage requirements. This involves gearing up for substantially higher power demands and enhancing our capabilities to support high-performance computing environments. These are crucial for handling higher density workloads, which are increasingly common as businesses delve deeper into AI development and deployment.

Those businesses who are looking to the future and already using AI are looking for enhanced facilities that offer more advanced infrastructure and increased capacity compared to traditional data centres. We’ll be focused on ensuring our facilities cater to those customers who have increased power and cooling needs for intensive computing workloads but who also need advanced connectivity and security protocols to support the rigorous demands of AI research and development. By focusing on these areas, Redcentric aims to continue to offer cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our clients in the dynamic tech landscape.


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