Richard Morris
Data Centre Product Manager

Following a five-year technical apprenticeship with British Aerospace I started my engineering career maintaining PCs across a very large BAe site in the nascent days of technology giants like IBM and Apple. I progressed into mainframe maintenance looking after the BAE satellite ground station system used during satellite build and launch phases. Moving away from mainframe systems, and joining the public sector, I managed open systems, firstly with Novell and later with Microsoft before specialising in all things storage, backup, and high availability for a service provider business. Moving to Colt, I lead the product management of their DC and Infrastructure service lines before Colt sold their IT Services business to Getronics where I continued to develop the cloud portfolio of services, leading DC consolidation, VMware based private cloud refresh across European DCs and leading customer solution architecture for the cloud portfolio.

Throughout my career, I have straddled the roles of solution provider and customer of these services, managing data centre spaces and IT stacks as well as consuming these services. This dual perspective enriched my approach and as a Product Manager at Redcentric, I will be focusing on our DC and colocation services, leveraging my background to drive the integration and expansion of our cloud services.

Colocation essentially involves customers housing their own equipment within our managed data centres. The decision to choose colocation is influenced by several key factors. Primarily, businesses are moving away from maintaining their private data centres, which can be costly and complex due to the need for up-to-date standards, certifications, and security measures. By opting for colocation, companies can leverage our facilities that provide the necessary space, power, cooling, and enhanced security, reducing their overhead and increasing efficiency.

Additionally, colocation serves as a first step towards adopting broader infrastructure services. Once in a colocation setup, customers often reconsider whether to transfer old equipment or upgrade to new technologies. This transition often leads to discussions about managed services, where we can not only supply the new equipment but also manage it. Services such as enhanced storage, backup solutions, and comprehensive managed service wraps are frequently integrated. So, colocation becomes much more than just space rental—it becomes a crucial part of the customer’s IT infrastructure strategy. This strategic flexibility and cost-effectiveness are what draw customers to colocation.

A good colocation facility is characterised by three key principles which are summed up nicely in our Redcentric strapline: Assured, Available, Agile. The first is all about security, the second about uptime and the third about meeting the dynamic needs of customers and ensuring their trust in our services.

Security is fundamental. A top-notch facility must have robust security measures such as controlled access, on-site personnel, surveillance systems, and secure perimeters to protect clients’ critical equipment. This aspect assures customers that their data and hardware are safeguarded against unauthorised access and potential threats.

Availability focuses on the operational uptime of the facility. It should offer reliable power and cooling systems to ensure that services remain uninterrupted. This includes having backups like uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and generators capable of maintaining operations during outages, crucial for maintaining service continuity for all hosted IT assets.

Agility refers to the ability to adapt to varying customer requirements, whether they need different types of racks, additional services like enhanced managed services, or specific security measures like electronic locks. This flexibility is vital for tailoring our services to meet specific client needs, from simple space rentals to complex, fully managed IT environments.

Moreover, a good colocation facility leverages its location to offer strategic advantages, such as proximity to business hubs or specific geographical requirements, enhancing connectivity and service efficiency.

What is clear from speaking to Redcentric customers is that they value our strong customer focus and our ability to offer additional services like storage and backup solutions. We’re certainly in the business of providing data centre space but the managed services we provide wrap around as many solutions as the customer wants. We offer skills which are expensive to have in-house whether that be the hands and eyes at our data centre facilities or the solution architects that can help a customer define what is needed in their environment to achieve their aims.

As a Product Manager, my primary goals over the next year revolve around ensuring our colocation facilities are available, assured, and agile. These principles are crucial as we aim to meet and exceed customer expectations in an evolving market.

Customer experience will be a key focus across our facilities as will enhancing power and cooling capabilities that we are able to offer our customers. As power consumption required by customers grows in line with density, this will involve upgrading our infrastructure to support high-density computing environments which is essential for attracting customers with advanced computing needs, such as those involved in AI, and high-performance computing. These sectors are rapidly growing and require facilities that can provide the necessary power and thermal management to operate efficiently.

Continuing to enhance and advertise our agility in how we offer services is another key goal. This means not only providing the physical space, power, and cooling but also integrating enhanced managed services and support.

By focusing on these areas, we aim to provide a colocation service that not only meets the current demands but is also future proofed against emerging technologies and market trends.





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