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Why ‘Year Zero’ isnt going anywhere

Posted by Glenn Temple | 28 Mar 2017, 14:36 PM


With WikiLeaks publishing the first of a series of leaks, called ‘Year Zero’, on the CIA we take a look at cyber security, the importance of it between a government and its citizens and the impact of the growing value of Bitcoins on cyber-attacks.

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How secure is your bank?

Posted by Glenn Temple | 21 Feb 2017, 15:13 PM


In this blog, Glenn Temple explains how financial sectors are falling victims to cyber criminals. He looks at the Lloyds cyber-attack, the industry’s protection against data breaches and the impact on reputation and financial implications of an attack.

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What is the price of a security breach for retailers?

Posted by Glenn Temple | 24 Oct 2016, 14:58 PM


The retail industry’s infrastructure faces constant security threats, which are far more costly than loss of profit during an IT outage. Glenn Temple looks at the immediate and on-going impact of a security breach on retailers and how they can reduce the threat of a breach.

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