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Football, the Olympics and bandwidth: Are you ready?

Posted by Ian Rhodes | 13 Jun 2012, 16:34 PM


A spike in Internet usage for business-critical reasons is one thing; when it’s the result of non-critical activity, it’s another matter entirely.

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5 ways to meet the Olympian challenge for high-bandwidth, high-resilience network access

Posted by Ian Rhodes | 3 Jun 2012, 15:12 PM


A recent press report highlighted the continuing change in the nature of internet traffic. The article correctly identifies the “flash floods” of internet demand (for events like the World Cup) as being particularly challenging for many organisations – and the ISPs supporting them.

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Surfing the Twitter Games’ bandwidth: the business challenge

Posted by Ian Rhodes | 3 Apr 2012, 16:34 PM


Unsurprisingly, the Internet Services Providers’ Association has recently warned of a “massive hit on the infrastructure” that deliveres internet access, during the London Olympics. Will your Internet Service Provider (ISP) have enough bandwidth to support your business during games? Also, due to security lock-down of manhole covers and other network access points, what plans has your ISP put in place to ensure your network resilience?

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