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5 key questions to ask your current/potential network provider

Posted by Mark Hall | 13 May 2011, 16:02 PM


In most of my meetings with potential customers, it becomes clear that few businesses scrutinise the capabilities of their would-be IT partner in enough detail.

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Components of a Unified Communications system

Posted by Phil Dyson | 12 May 2011, 17:31 PM


In an ideal Unified Communications system, there are 4 key building blocks which are shared across all the different communication tools.

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3 Questions a CEO should be asking about Unified Communications

Posted by Phil Dyson | 12 May 2011, 09:13 AM


There is much hype in the press about Unified Communications, or simply UC, and the vast array of vendor opinions only adds to the confusion.

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How is Unified Communications different to what we have today?

Posted by Phil Dyson | 8 Feb 2011, 14:08 PM


One way of understanding why Unified Communications is gaining so much attention is to look at the problem with existing IT systems.

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