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Spend or Save? The Top Five Technologies to Transform an Insurance Broking Business

Posted by Simon Michie | 29 Jul 2016, 11:48 AM


Recent research carried out showed that 68% of mid-sized professional services businesses are looking at investing in new technology this year. Simon Michie believes that, despite a reputation for being cautious, the number of insurance brokers in this figure will be high as they look to differentiante themselves and offer the best customer exeprience. With legacy systems holding them back and almost 70% of IT budget going on day-to-day-maintenance, Simon lists his five top new technologies that he believes will help make a positive impact on the broking business.

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Don't resent the effort, embrace the opportunity

Posted by Peter Nailer | 26 Nov 2015, 10:01 AM


Some see the biannual task of going through their application process for the Government's G-Cloud framework as nothing more than a box-ticking burden. However, Peter Nailer, someone who is extremely familiar with the time-consuming process, explains why the immense commercial opportunities offered by G-Cloud are worth the effort twice a year.

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Database as a Service: What sets us apart from our competitors?

Posted by Stefan Haase | 9 Feb 2015, 11:48 AM


In the final blog of this series, Redcentric's Stefan Haase looks what sets Redcentric's proposition apart from the competition. From those at the top of the company to the staff out there delivering our services to customers, Stefan explains why Redcentric can back up our claim of being truly "customer-centric".

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Database as a Service : Delivering a first class solution

Posted by Stefan Haase | 26 Jan 2015, 10:34 AM


In the follow-up to his blog looking at Oracle's philosophy and how Redcentric mirrors it to provide our own first rate Database-as-a-Service solution, Stefan Haase now looks at the differentiators that sets Redcentric apart from the competition and is resulting in serious interest from Government departments and the wider public sector.

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Database as a Service : Learning from Oracle's philosophy

Posted by Stefan Haase | 14 Jan 2015, 12:21 PM


In the first of a series of blogs, Redcentric's Stefan Haase looks at Oracle's journey to becoming IT giants and their current ongoing success of their engineered systems approach by delivering an optimised, maximum performance system. Stefan looks at Oracle's philosophy and how Redcentric has done the same for their own DBaaS solution.

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