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Should Service Providers offering Managed Firewalls include UTM capability as default?

Posted by Sean Paxton | 19 May 2015, 11:59 AM


Following a recent hack attack by religious extremists on the website of a small innocuous pub in rural England, Sean Paxton explains why the cost of corporate security is a price that is well worth paying regardless of the size or profile of your business.

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Firewalls: to manage or not to manage – that is the question

Posted by Sean Paxton | 25 Mar 2015, 14:05 PM


While most organisations accept they require the protection provided by next-generation firewalls, some may be confused over whether they should purchase, install and manage their firewall or turn to an expert to manage the next generation firewall on their behalf. Redcentric's Sean Paxton details the options to help you make the decision on whether to go with a managed firewall or the unmanaged option.

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