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Is ISDN dead?

Posted by Phil Dyson | 2 Jul 2014, 14:10 PM


I’m frequently asked, is ISDN is dead, my response is “we still sell it and organisations still want to buy it”. I think it’s a little premature to say ISDN is dead, even with the strong emergence of SIP Trunks. People trust ISDN, and they know it; this can often lead to the benefits of new technologies being overlooked. That’s not to say that I don’t struggle with the logic.

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Talking up a storm - Part one

Posted by Paul Storey | 11 Mar 2014, 18:36 PM


Cloud telephony has been credited as one of the driving forces behind Unified Communications (UC), but is the reality really so bright or does cloud telephony lack the silver lining. Here in the first of our three blogs, Paul Storey, Head of Voice at Redcentric, considers the issues with the technology’s business application.

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