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Opening up the cloud

Posted by Jonathan Birch | 26 May 2015, 11:53 AM


With a positive reaction from the market to news that VMware is now supporting open source software, this blog looks at how enterprises will not only benefit from the innovations taking place but also how the developments will increase competition and encourage further innovation within this area.

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A guide to public, private and hybrid Clouds

Posted by Stefan Haase | 1 May 2013, 14:49 PM


In response to one of the most commonly asked Cloud questions, Stefan Haase explains the difference between public, private and hybrid Cloud solutions, discussing the infrastructure itself as well as the merits of each. Covering issues such as security, compliance and scalability, Stefan’s guide to Cloud types clears up an often-misunderstood realm of computing.

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Beware fake clouds

Posted by Stefan Haase | 6 Feb 2013, 16:49 PM


On the back of my recent blog from the Cloud Expo, I discuss the rising number of ‘fake Cloud’ offerings being proposed to CIOs, along with how to identify and avoid this potential hazard. Without paying due attention to the merits of your Cloud, your business could be at risk. It’s not only finding a resilient, secure Cloud that is a concern to CIOs. I recently read a survey that reported that an overwhelming majority are frustrated by the chore of finding a solution which utilises a genuine Cloud, and is not simply a traditional hosting service given a more pleasing title.

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