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Paving the way towards the 'Cloud first' digital mandate

Posted by Mark Hall | 28 Sep 2016, 09:48 AM


It has been over three years since the government announced its 'Cloud first' digital mandate for the public sector however a recent survey shockingly revealed that two-fifths of councils across the UK still have no Cloud strategy in place. In this blog, Mark Hall looks at how public sector organisations are slowly coming around to the Cloud.

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PSN: alive and kicking or dead in the water?

Posted by Mark Hall | 2 Feb 2015, 10:39 AM


In this blog, Mark Hall explains why, despite premature reports of its demise, the Public Sector Network (PSN) has been granted a stay of execution by the Goverment. Mark explains what the Public Sector Network is and why its transition to the Network Services Framework (NSF) has been delayed.

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Public Sector IT: Aligned to innovation

Posted by Mark Hall | 24 Sep 2014, 13:48 PM


In his latest blog, Mark Hall, Divisional Director of Public Sector for Redcentric, looks at how the public sector IT landscape has changed over the last decade and how SMEs like Redcentric are reaping the rewards from the growth of Government initiatives such as G-Cloud and the Public Sector Network.

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