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How Law Firms Can Gain Competitive Edge through a Managed Service Approach to IT

Posted by Mark Halpin | 1 Oct 2015, 13:48 PM


Mark Halpin discusses IT within the legal sector and how by utilising outsourced managed services this can provide a competitive advantage. He discusses why law firms may be hesitant from moving from on-premise to off-premise IT solutions and using his experience in the IT legal sector gives his top tips on transitioning to the Cloud.

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My Redcentric Symposium experience

Posted by Graham Francis | 5 Jan 2015, 11:25 AM


When Graham Francis, Director of I.T. Services, M.I.S. and Examinations at Havering Sixth Form College, attended the Redcentric symposium in November he decided to let us know his experiences and thoughts on the day after attending sessions such as Internet of Things and Hybrid Cloud & Disaster Recovery as a Service.

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Talking up a storm – Part two

Posted by Paul Storey | 19 Mar 2014, 18:29 PM


Cloud-based telephony has been credited as driving unified communications (UC) in today's organisations, but is the reality really so bright, does cloud telephony lack the silver lining? Here in the second of our three blogs, Paul Storey, Head of Voice at Redcentric, considers what companies need to be aware of if cloud telephony is to deliver on its promises.

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Talking up a storm - Part one

Posted by Paul Storey | 11 Mar 2014, 18:36 PM


Cloud telephony has been credited as one of the driving forces behind Unified Communications (UC), but is the reality really so bright or does cloud telephony lack the silver lining. Here in the first of our three blogs, Paul Storey, Head of Voice at Redcentric, considers the issues with the technology’s business application.

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The office of the future

Posted by Stefan Haase | 23 Jan 2013, 17:22 PM


Offices, which once epitomised the words boring, homogenous and restricted, are changing. A recent British Council for Offices conference announced its plans for offices of the future. Boasting plants growing on the walls and total energy efficiency, what does this mean for the IT infrastructure in future office developments?

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Importance of remote working in the face of snow

Posted by Phil Dyson | 15 Jan 2013, 17:31 PM


This week the Met office has issued an ‘amber / be prepared’ warning of heavy snow in the North East, Yorkshire and the East Midlands. How will this affect your business operations? Some extraordinary figures have been circulated since the last bout of heavy snowfall, numbers that will have unsurprisingly worried business owners and management teams ever since. Increasingly, snow and adverse weather conditions cause travel chaos across the UK, with roads often impassable and public transport unusable. The result of this is that staff are unable to get to the office, and can mean that your business grinds to a halt.

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Happy 150th birthday to the Tube

Posted by Ian Rhodes | 14 Jan 2013, 17:33 PM


Happy birthday to the Tube. The early life and journey of the Tube is strikingly similar to the development of IT and telecomms in the past few decades – and both have revolutionised the way we work and live.

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Brocade Guest Blog: Avoiding the campus crunch

Posted by Fraser Fisher | 12 Oct 2012, 11:16 AM


As their appetite for mobility, video, unified communications and virtual desktop solutions grow, customers increasingly will look to companies such as Redcentric to fix the weak link in deploying these technologies – the campus network.

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Taking remote working seriously

Posted by Phil Dyson | 11 Jul 2012, 11:13 AM


If there’s one thing you can rely on Boris Johnson for, it’s speaking his mind. And it’s safe to say that his recent thoughts on people working from home haven’t failed to live up to his usual style.

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Voice: not so much a protocol, more a service

Posted by Paul Storey | 11 Oct 2011, 14:13 PM


An article in CRN argues that many users do not understand the risks of Internet telephony. The author, the CEO of a security consultancy, is right to be concerned about the complexities and potential security risks of Internet telephony and we totally agree that the Internet is riddled with security holes.

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3 Questions a CEO should be asking about Unified Communications

Posted by Phil Dyson | 12 May 2011, 09:13 AM


There is much hype in the press about Unified Communications, or simply UC, and the vast array of vendor opinions only adds to the confusion.

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