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Don’t believe the hype: why enterprises need not worry about SDN just yet

Posted by Clive Atkins | 16 Sep 2015, 09:27 AM


Leading technology vendors such as VMware, Cisco and Brocade are showing increasing interest in Software Defined Networks (SDN) with industry analysts predicting further growth for the technology. Bearing this in mind, should businesses be implementing SDN right now? In this blog, Redcentric's Business Unit Director, Clive Atkins, gives his thoughts on the matter.

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What to virtualise?

Posted by James Odom | 7 Mar 2013, 16:02 PM


Virtualisation is the strategy hot on every IT Director’s agenda, but rushing into virtualisation can back-fire. Not all applications and platforms are good virtualisation candidates, with some incurring legal problems or affecting performance of others in the shared space. It is important to give due consideration to a server’s suitability before it is committed to the Cloud, with this blog explaining the difference between a good and a bad candidate.

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