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Data migration: 5 steps to the perfect switch-over

Posted by Stefan Haase | 23 Mar 2012, 16:19 PM


If you’re thinking of rehoming your data centre infrastructure – either from an in-house facility or from a third party with whom you’re dissatisfied – you shouldn’t let concerns about disruption and downtime put you off doing it. It’s perfectly possible to migrate all your data and equipment from one facility to another with minimal hassle.

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New next generation facility. Why now?

Posted by Paul Hone | 26 May 2011, 13:19 PM


With a real buzz around our new Reading Data Centre plans, I’m receiving calls and questions on a daily basis, both from existing customers and potential clients (as well as the occasional competitor ‘spy’!). The main query is of course, ‘What’s in it for me?’.

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