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IoT: saviour or security risk

Posted by Andy Mills | 24 Aug 2015, 10:56 AM


With Internet of Things (IoT) being seen as the next evolution of IT, Redcentric looks at the data risks and implications that come with IoT. With huge amounts of data being generated to fulfill its function, who’s responsible to for the security of data?

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My Redcentric Symposium experience

Posted by Graham Francis | 5 Jan 2015, 11:25 AM


When Graham Francis, Director of I.T. Services, M.I.S. and Examinations at Havering Sixth Form College, attended the Redcentric symposium in November he decided to let us know his experiences and thoughts on the day after attending sessions such as Internet of Things and Hybrid Cloud & Disaster Recovery as a Service.

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What will be big in 2015

Posted by Simon Michie | 23 Dec 2014, 10:48 AM


As the New Year approaches Simon Michie, CTO of Redcentric, looks at his predictions for the enterprise IT industry during 2015. He reflects briefly on some of the technology that saw an increased uptake during 2014 that he feels may also have a pivotal role during 2015 as well.

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For now and into the future: what our customers learnt at the Redcentric Symposium

Posted by Simon Michie | 18 Dec 2014, 13:53 PM


Following the huge success of the recent Redcentric Symposium event held in London, Simon Michie reflects on some of the key sessions held by our technology partners throughout the day. With topics ranging from the Internet of Things to Data Security, Simon looks at what the future holds for Redcentric's customers.

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Seeing through the fog

Posted by Simon Michie | 9 Sep 2014, 17:48 PM


As the term 'fog computing' enters the computing industry our Head of Cloud, Simon Michie, takes a looks at what it means. As the Internet of Things (IoT) increase should data processing be taken by the devices around the network edge or within the Cloud? What challenges do businesses face by these new issues and how can fog computing be used to their advantage to resolve these issues.

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