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EU roaming charges end but at what cost

Posted by Paul Storey | 18 Aug 2015, 21:54 PM


Paul Storey, Head of Telephony at Redcentic, looks back at the recent news that EU roaming charges for calls, data and SMS become a thing of the past and how this will affect MNOs. He looks at how MNOs can support enterprise users to build accurate mobile packages, taking into consideration the individual business’s mobile usage abroad.

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Integrating health and social care data: Why it's viable

Posted by Mark Hall | 9 Jun 2015, 15:51 PM


To date, the Government has viewed the integration of health and social care data as something of a technical challenge. Recent announcements however indicate that this could be about to change. This blog not only looks at why the integration needs to happen but also how it could have a knock on effect for other areas of the public sector.

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