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Bank holiday and business continuity


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An extended bank holiday weekend is always a prime candidate for the unexpected to happen. At a company I was working for many years ago, all internet and fixed line links were lost over the Easter period. This was due to thieves cutting diverse coms links to the industrial estate where we were situated, in an effort to disable the alarms on a bonded warehouse they intended to burgle. The intruders disguised themselves as BT engineers, going unnoticed as they entered the man holes, cutting every piece of fibre and copper to the estate they could find.

In the end, they never got their swag; the business’ warehouse had a back-up radio link on its alarm system. But the result was that mobile phones became the only communication means into, or out of, the site, with business productivity suffering accordingly. The damage to the business was enormous, and without the support of its clients, the incident had the potential to jeopardise the company’s livelihood.

The devastating business consequences of disaster were also evident in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit. New York data centres suffered floods for which they were not prepared. With fuel stores compromised and access to the city disrupted, data centres, and their customers, without sufficient business continuity plans in place were hit hard, losing business and data in the process. And though it has to be accepted that it’s impossible to predict everything, it is also unprofessional not to learn from both your own experience and that of others.

So, in preparation for this weekend, Redcentric has looked critically at every system in our uk data centres. We’ve topped up our fuel tanks and serviced all of our key systems. We have also planned for the worst, and tested our resilience to this end, ensuring that we are well prepared for whatever may be thrown at us. We’ve also made sure that our reliance on external help, to provide continuity of service in the event of the unexpected, is kept to a minimum; self-sufficiency is paramount in the face of an incident that disrupts service.

Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy the start of spring… or, as I’m calling it, the extension of the skiing season.



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