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Customer support in the Cloud


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Customer service is a provision that is universally-demanded across all sectors, being no less important in the managed services market where the availability of your data impacts your ability to operate. While downtime may sound appealing at first – perhaps it’s time for that trip to Rio you’ve been dreaming about? – the impact on your business, and career, can be extremely detrimental.

A recent infographic highlights the true value of customer service and its ability to impact on brand perception and performance. That 63% of customers choose a company based on the level of customer service offered is not particularly surprising to me, and neither is the fact that 26% of people switch brands because their customer service experiences generated no clear resolutions. However, it is the financial impact of customer service that stands out: it is seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. At Redcentric, we are truly customer-focussed. We’ve set up our own support centre that we run in-house, 24/7/365, and we’re really proud of it. Our customers are able to speak to an experienced technical advisor at any time, and can be assured that our well thought-out escalation paths will take care of the issue as quickly as possible. Another benefit of our service is our infrastructure, which we own end-to-end, from the platforms we operate, to the network we deliver our best-in-class services across. That means that we have the power to fix issues alerted to us and are not simply a ‘forwarding’ service, passing on issues to those with ownership. But the Cloud services market is a great example of the two clear sides of the coin, where public Clouds often outsource support while simultaneously outsourcing your business to different providers, with private Cloud providers exerting much more control over their infrastructure, able to provide tailored services and around the clock support given their smaller size.

It is also important to understand that not all private Clouds are created equal, it is clear from the statistics offered above that the most customer-orientated, and business-savvy, will be directing cash flow towards improving and maintaining their customer service provisions. Look for robust SLAs, 24/7/365 hands and eyes support and clear escalation paths, with dedicated, named team members assigned to larger accounts. Your business deserves no less, and in the face of an incident, could withstand no less. And if you’re wondering what those service-impacting issues could be, as well as the other measures to take to ensure business continuity in the face of incident, we’ve written a guide answering those questions.



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