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Data loss – not someone else’s problem


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It can be tempting to think of data loss as someone else’s problem. With your rigorous IT procedures and compliance policies, it could never happen to you, right? Unfortunately, that’s probably what companies including Visa, MasterCard and HSBC thought – until they had critical business data lost or stolen.

The volume of the world’s information more than doubles every two years, and is on course to exceed 1.8 zettabytes in 2012. To put this into some kind of perspective, this is the equivalent of 200 billion two-hour long HD movies which would take some poor soul 47 million years to watch.

As data creation explodes, so does data loss. Whether it’s hardware failure, software failure or human error, at least 25% of computer users experience data loss every year, according to Gartner.

It’s hard to believe, but an alarming number of organisations still rely on old-fashioned back-up tapes and off-site tape storage services. Frankly, in this day and age, that’s just irresponsible.

Traditional technologies struggle to keep up with data storage requirements, which just piles pressure on IT budgets. Additional challenges such as carbon footprint reduction add to the headache, costing businesses time and resources as they focus on back-end infrastructure at the expense of front-end business systems.

An automated, SLA-backed service eliminates the severe limitations of traditional tape-based data backup, ensuring that your critical systems and data are always protected. With Cloud-based online backup services, your data is automatically backed up to a secure, remote data centre facility from where it is available for rapid restoration via a dedicated link or internet connection 24/7/365. Intelligent data management and a fully managed backup service are sensible, foolproof solutions, incorporating enterprise-class, remote data backup and instant restoration from a highly secure, next-generation data centre.

The vast majority of companies that experience major data loss go out of business within six months. So why doesn’t every organisation just do the sensible thing, and ensure that their data is safe? It’s not rocket science – it’s just intelligent. And it’s your responsibility.



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