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Cloud Computing

10 reasons the government should use a managed service provider

Posted by Peter Nailer | 2 Aug 2011, 13:26 PM


A new report by the government’s public administration committee has found that an “obscene amount of public money” is being wasted on IT. The report, “Government and IT – A Recipe For Rip-Offs: Time For A New Approach” warns that the government will be “doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past” if it does not learn to be more “intelligent” in its dealings with IT suppliers.

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IT Directors Forum: Findings Part 1

Posted by Stefan Haase | 21 Jun 2011, 14:12 PM


The Public Sector has undoubtedly been hit by the comprehensive Spending Review and the cuts that have been applied to a variety of their sector verticals – blue lights, local government, health and so on.

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Make yourself at home…in the Cloud

Posted by Phil Dyson | 10 Jun 2011, 14:44 PM


A recent BBC article highlighted the changing face of working practices in the UK. Citing ‘teleworking’ as the catalyst for fast-paced evolution, the report tells us how the number of people working from home or remotely rose from 14% in 2006 to 46% in 2008…with the trend set to continue.

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Protecting business-critical data under tight fiscal constraints

Posted by Stefan Haase | 25 May 2011, 10:13 AM


Exponential data growth brings with it many tough challenges for modern business. IT teams are struggling to ensure data availability under tight fiscal constraints.

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When the Ash meets the Cloud

Posted by Phil Dyson | 23 May 2011, 10:05 AM


So, volcanic disruption threatens to ground flights and scupper our various plans all over again. But, hidden behind the media stories of cancelled holidays and 3-day waits in the airport, the Icelandic ash has a serious effect on the UK’s economy.

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