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Barriers to the Cloud – what’s holding companies back?


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What is the most important factor in deciding whether to use cloud computing?

According to the result of a recent survey in Norway, for 91% of public sector respondents and 83% of private sector respondents the answer is “maintaining control over data and security to prevent data being compromised by third parties”.

Uptake of SaaS
Interestingly though, the survey reveals that one-third of the public sector in Norway now uses some form of Software as a Service (SaaS) – a standardised web-based application (such as salesforce.com) which is licensed to be used by customers on demand – indicating that SaaS is entering the mainstream in spite of security concerns in some quarters.

Challenge of PaaS
The survey also shows a lower uptake of PaaS (Platform as a Service). PaaS which delivers a computing platform, such as virtual servers, on which organisations can run applications rather than having to buy and manage the underlying hardware and software itself. Although this approach presents clear cost advantages, only 14% of respondents are using PaaS as opposed to 35% using SaaS, the reason given being the greater technical challenges of the former. Essentially SaaS can be used as a standalone service whereas PaaS needs to be part of a wider infrastructure strategy so is more complex.  

So it is clear that while organisations recognise the benefits of Cloud computing, they are being held back by:

• security concerns about relinquishing control over their data
• integration concerns about running applications on an externally hosted platform.

As the survey itself says, “Users want to be reassured that Cloud computing is secure and reliable.”

What’s frustrating for me is that with the right provider, organisations can get this reassurance. It all comes down to the technical expertise of the provider, the resilience and availability of their services, and their ability to adapt and enhance their services to meet the integration outsourcing strategy of their clients.

The survey concludes that “A well-documented history of expertise in secure and reliable data storage will be key to winning customers’ trust.” We couldn’t agree more – it’s why our customers renew their licences over and over again!

For more information about migrating to the Cloud, take a look at our White Paper: 8 points to consider when moving to the Cloud. This paper was developed alongside Computing magazine, and based on our UK survey.



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