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Cloud’s agility compelling for law firms


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In a recent Legal Week survey of CIOs at top law firms in the UK., the five primary motivations for moving towards a Cloud model were cited as:

  • Agility
  • Cost saving
  • Productivity gains
  • Budget predictability
  • Capex to Opex payment model

Agility was top of the tree by a long way, polling nearly 50% more than second-placed cost savings. Given service providers’ attempts over the years to better contextualise cloud computing and what it can deliver beyond cold hard cash, this is an encouraging result.

As the legal sector is under pressure like never before to respond to changing commercial dynamics, client imperatives and regulatory demands, it’s not surprising that CIOs are drawn by the appeal of the Cloud’s inherent ability to deliver technical and operational capability quickly and cost-effectively. Forget lengthy procurement processes, new services can simply be dialed up. Protracted provisioning cycle? Forget it, think rapid delivery project instead.

As I’ve described many times before, all you need to do is make the decision and if your Cloud provider is offering true managed services, it can remove the burden of a 1000-strong Exchange server or cut an exabyte’s worth of data archive down to size. Even at the small ticket, tactical end of things, hosted virtualised environments can be configured and online in a couple of hours, enabling testing of new projects almost as soon as they’re created.  

And in fact it’s not fanciful to suggest that there might be less tangible, more strategic benefits. Set loose from resource-intensive tasks such as network, email and data management, the IT mind becomes more agile in itself, free to focus on the value-add and how IT can align itself more closely to business and user needs.

Who would have thought that having your head in the Cloud would ever come recommended?



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