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Working in partnership: Double award win is testament to the importance of collaboration


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Our recent double triumph at the Computing Vendor Excellence Awards was an exciting and proud moment for our hard working team. Facing some stiff competition we were successful in winning Wireless Infrastructure Award and Cloud Data Centre Provider of the Year. Both categories called for submissions that could meet a range of criteria, from security through to resilience and performance gains; but the most important thing from our perspective was how all the projects we put forward were built around a fundamental understanding of what the client wanted to achieve in real tangible outcome terms   - and working backwards from there to devise and design the most appropriate solution.

Cloud data centre services

It was fantastic to have the judges recognise how we deliver much more than just commodity IT. We know how careful clients require us to be when delivering a cloud service, so we provide assurance that gives them peace of mind. For example, a secure collaboration software specialist demanded particularly high security and compliance requirements from us. We reassured them we could deliver with our ISO accreditations and our Government certifications as evidence, while an independent Security Assessment Report confirmed that we could protect their customers and data.

The judges also recognised our work with another customer whose service delivery requirements certainly put us through our paces. In order to be successful we were required to work to a certain criteria, implementing a specific list of kit unfamiliar to us, all delivered to detailed standards. Confident that the project was within our ability, we successfully delivered the project specification they required.

Our award win for these types of cloud data centre services shows that there's real value in taking a tailored approach to client engagement, investing time upfront to identify aims and objectives to better inform the final solution. We then draw on our experience and expertise to design and deliver the cloud services appropriate to that given scenario, with organisations appreciative of such a high degree of 'client-centricity'.

Wireless infrastructure

We claimed a second award for our wireless infrastructure service. As a fundamental part of an organisation's IT environment, a wireless infrastructure requires special attention be paid to issues such as security. The complex projects we have undertaken in this area prove our ability to deliver.  

Our wireless networks not only provide a basic supplementary to a wired network, but also enable strategic solutions with clear and specific aims, even in complex environments. For example, one client required a Wi-Fi network across a wide geographic site and numerous buildings, the latter proving particularly problematic due to their disparate ages and construction types. The project was further complicated by having a very specific and rigorous security need, and an immensely challenging project timeline.

We also entered our work with a teaching hospital, which required a secure wireless network to improve care delivery and allow for mobile clinical application usage. We implemented one of the UK's largest wireless network deployments - again overcoming a tricky deployment environment -  and we were credited on the solution's quality, the efficiency of the roll-out, and how responsive we remain when dealing with queries.

Redcentric's approach

These two wins certainly underline how we go beyond just delivering standard services: consultative-style collaboration and honest dialogue open the way to understanding clients' immediate operational aims, as well as  their longer-term visions, allowing us to intelligently map our services to those avowed aspirations and guide our clients to their desired outcomes.



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