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Evolutionaries, experimenters and cautionaries: what’s your approach to the cloud?


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In a recent blog I talked about the importance of knowing where you are on your journey to the cloud. By understanding your route in comparison to the rest of the market, you'll more easily be able to see where your journey is set to head next. This was the motivation behind our recent survey of 200 senior IT managers. We wanted to help our customers map that journey as succinctly and accurately as possible.

As part of the research, we asked IT managers to reflect on their attitudes to the Cloud. We wanted to know whether they had grand plans for the technology and intended to use it to make bold business changes or if they were rushing into implementations to keep up with perceived market changes. By asking IT decision makers about their perspectives, we were able to identify five key cloud personas. Take a look at the list below and see if you can identify which one you are:

  • Evolutionaries: Chances are you'll be one of these - the majority (50%) of IT decision makers we spoke to described themselves as evolutionary. They're taking a steady approach to cloud adoption and only using the technology where they feel that it's a natural progression for their business.
  • Experimenters: These risk-takers have a little less strategic approach to cloud implementations. They're not exactly sure of the direction that cloud implementations will take and as a result they're happy to accept the ups and downs that follow. They're unlikely to have a strategic plan or direction at any stage of the adoption process. Unsurprisingly only 4% felt that they fell into this category.
  • Accelerators: It's all about the speed with these guys. They use the cloud as a means to an end but only if they can adopt services as quickly as possible. There's no time to sit back and check how the implementation is rolling out and what may need to be adapted en-route. Making sure that they work with an experienced cloud service partner will help these IT decision makers to stay on course as they move through the process at high speed. 16% of those we spoke to take this approach.
  • Progressives: This group view the cloud as an organisational change enabler. They want to use cloud services to make big changes, whether that's to improve efficiencies or provide more compute to support new product or service innovations. They're constantly looking ahead to see how cloud can benefit their business. 16% of IT decision makers fell into this persona.
  • Cautionaries: This group is more risk adverse. While they know that the cloud is important, they're less convinced about the benefits that it will bring to their specific organisation and its business. They'll need to work with a cloud provider that is able to demonstrate genuine ROI. While these only made up 15% of IT decision makers we spoke to, this group are the realists and will keep cloud grounded on the floor.

So have you worked out which category you fall into? Let us know which persona you are and why in the comments below.



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