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Expanding available WiFi spectrum will improve business operations


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The Federal Communications Commission, an independent agency of the US government, is set to open up an additional 5Mhz of the US WiFi spectrum, beginning in February. The decision, aimed at improving processing speed in congested public spaces such as airports and conference facilities, comes direct from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where the prominent trend for remotely connected devices reflects the growing need for improved WiFi connectivity.

With the emergence of new types of consumer devices, such as pulse oximeters that sync to your tablet or phone and activity-tracking watches that offer remote backup of captured data to your preferred storage base, this news of improved WiFi services  bodes well for a mobile age of wearable and connected devices. The increased availability of WiFi will only further pave the way for the development of such technology, allowing for improved efficiency and speed of data transfer.

The recent IDC prediction of 1.3 billion workers being mobile by 2015 is sure to mean an increased reliance on unified communications technologies. As these services are hosted in the Cloud, an increased percentage of business communication will be dependent on a reliable internet connection. The freeing up of additional WiFi spectrum will lend itself to delivering this promise. Workers relying on Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) solutions will be able to utilise a WiFi connection for a faster, more dependable connection, meaning that FMC technology can begin to be used effectively. It is likely that this move, with its multiple domino effects, will accelerate the development of remote working and collaboration technologies, which in turn will encourage other internet-dependent countries to ensure their spectrum usage follows suit.



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