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News that Oracle and Salesforce.com have reached an agreement to integrate their clouds took the industry by surprise when it was announced earlier this year. Some commentators are wondering whether this partnership heralds the start of the much discussed ‘federated cloud’ or if this is in fact a sign of the cloud becoming more proprietary.

To explain, typically a federated cloud occurs when providers start to connect their clouds together, the idea being to form a ‘cloud of clouds’. Some feel that this will enable customers to choose services more easily and with confidence, and migrate more easily between suppliers. While this is an admirable goal I think that the boundaries between cloud providers will be visible for a long time to come. I don’t believe that the commercial benefits of federation are there just yet for the customer to benefit from. While customers may benefit from simpler integration with federation, it doesn’t follow that they’ll get more choice.

Personally I think that the jury is still out on the Oracle/Salesforce.com deal – while it may be beneficial for them, I don’t think it’s the seed for a large scale federated cloud.

At this stage of the industry’s evolution, customers need a choice and more importantly a differentiation between cloud service providers. I think what we’re likely to see in the short term is more specialisation and vertical market alignment by cloud providers, which in turn provides customers with greater confidence in the cloud itself. Clearer differentiation of cloud providers will then help customers to choose which federation partner to use for each service.  



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