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Getting the total picture on total cost


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An Redcentric/Legal Week survey of CIOs within the legal sector suggests that the majority of law firms need to take stock of their costs. Less than a third of respondents have undertaken a detailed analysis of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of on-premise IT infrastructure and support for comparison with managed service options. A third said they would be conducting a TCO study in the next 12 months and a further third said they had no plans to look at the subject at all.

Given the intense pressure most law firms are under to do more with less and demonstrate best value (the same report showed that half the firms surveyed had no budgetary increases to play with), it’s quite surprising to see such a, shall we say, relaxed attitude to the realities of operational expenditure.

Without total visibility of what it costs you to run your IT estate, how can you be making informed, intelligent decisions moving forward? Give that over 50% of respondents cited cost savings as one of the motivations for considering a move to the Cloud, it’s clear that there is a financial imperative at work in one respect – but how can you put an accurate figure on those Cloud savings when you don’t have any in-house data to compare them with?

For most of our clients, the Cloud journey is just that, a journey – an onward progress with multiple stopping-off points, be they managed networks, online backup and archiving or fully hosted IP telephony. But what precedes the majority of those decisions is the making of a business case where all the requirements are in play and the facts are to hand – operational, technical and financial.

TCO is essential to this process – without that degree of visibility, how can you see the optimum route forward?

And how can you judge value if you don’t know the cost?



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