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Google outage shows just how dominant it is


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The internet is an infinite network of information and services, providing different ways to learn, look at videos of silly pets and buy more novelty socks than you could ever imagine. However, it seems that despite this wealth of options, at any one time a huge proportion of us are using Google applications on the web.

We recently produced an interactive slideshow highlighting some high-profile outages on the web and the impacts they had, but new data from internet analytics firm GoSquared is staggering.

It reports that for five minutes between 23:52 and 23:57 BST on August 16th, Google.com experienced a service outage, taking with it services including Search, Gmail, Talk, Drive, Documents and Calendar. In this short period of time, GoSquared says that web activity fell by a massive 40 per cent.  It shows just how reliant global web users have become on Google services, with an outage capable of bringing companies to a standstill.

To further illustrate just how much web users rely on Google services, GoSquared also revealed that web activity spiked dramatically when service was restored; even in the instant-access environment of the internet, people didn’t use another search engine to find what they were looking for – they waited five minutes until Google came back up.

Google never revealed the cause of the outage, and it seems a large portion of web users will be praying that it doesn’t happen again.



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