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Insuring your future with Cloud


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When Cloud first started to clamour for attention a few years ago, there was often to be heard a corresponding echo from hosting companies and managed service providers, which for a while created this dream of an ‘everything in the Cloud’ nirvana – Cloud and Cloud services were the panacea and the future.

Roll forward a few years and the hype and hysteria has settled down. Every tech survey which asks ‘Will you move everything to the Cloud?’ only ever elicits a low single digit percentage of positive responses. For now, the future is a commonsense one of a hybrid; an interoperable mix of on-premise and off-premise, private and public Cloud environments. And for managed service providers the language needs to be about Cloud journeys; helping customers move in the right direction at the right time for the right reasons, but still seeing the broader hybrid landscape and making sure everything works within this bigger picture.

In our white paper, we go into this in a little more detail and introduce a number of Cloud technology destinations that a journey could visit - from Infrastructure-as-a-Service to hosted call centre telephony. We look at the drivers within the market and why certain services make such a good strategic fit for organisations facing a myriad of operational, commercial and compliance challenges. And while ‘an all things Cloud’ future is not on the agenda for most of us, getting the best out of Cloud today and tomorrow certainly is.



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