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IT Directors Forum: Findings Part 1


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At the IT Directors Forum (18th-21st May), aboard HMS Aurora, myself and Mark Halpin met with a whole host of organisations from public and private sectors.

The Public Sector has undoubtedly been hit by the comprehensive Spending Review and the cuts that have been applied to a variety of their sector verticals – blue lights, local government, health and so on. What I would say though is that those I met from the Public sector didn’t seem to feel like the cuts affected them much personally… in fact, the consensus was that nothing much had changed at all! Many delegates I spoke to affirmed that their IT department is seen as a cost centre, and that in times of economical downturn or uncertainty, they are therefore expected to adjust and do more with less. The typical IT Director has always had to defend budget spend and justify staff headcount. The only side-effect of the economic downturn is that they are under pressure to strategically help the business weather the storm – and do A LOT more for A LOT less.

Private sector organisations are exactly the same in my opinion. Comprehensive Spending Review or not, most savvy IT Directors are looking to be more agile, more competitive and generally looking to be business drivers rather than treading water as a mere facility.

In both camps, the penny has dropped, if it ever needed to, that managed, Cloud based services are the future. Amen to that!

In Part 2 of my findings, I’ll share my thoughts on the ‘True Cloud’.



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