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My Redcentric Symposium experience


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Bolstered by the notion that the word symposium derived from the ancient Greek for a drinking party, I made the short journey from Hornchurch to the Guoman Tower Hotel arriving fashionably late after snatching a final glimpse at the last of the poppies (in the Tower of London moat) being packed away.  

I arrived at the hotel and made my way to registration which was simple and straight forward. Now armed with my Symposium agenda I made straight for the exhibition rather than disturb the session in progress (not knowing that this had also started fashionably late). This provided an opportunity for my first drink of the day, coffee and an opportunity to meet up with my technical relationship manager and my account manager, thus the pattern of the day was set.

I then attended sessions by Redcentric product managers on Data Centre Compliance & Best Practices and Hybrid Cloud & Disaster Recovery as a Service. The data centre presentation looked at the standards and some of the regulations that must be adhered to for operational accreditations such as PCI and ISO. The Disaster Recover session, which was of particular interest as DR is an area of focus for us at Havering 6th Form College going into 2015, detailed how Cloud services, such as IaaS and Hosted Desktop are used to improve Disaster Recovery. Both sessions proved interesting and thought provoking and ensured much note taking took place. I knew the notebook provided at registration would come in handy even in this digital age!

Next was lunch, again very good (if slightly spicy), more drinking, this time fruit juice; and so on to the afternoon sessions; the benefits of Hosted Voice and Unified Communications by Polycom and The Practical Nature of Internet of Things by Digi International.

The Hosted Voice session was thought provoking and focussed on how communication has changed within the workplace and the different requirements of voice by departments within a business. The Practical Nature of the Internet of Things which included an intriguing demonstration of an intelligent light bulb, looked at how the Internet of Things is currently being implemented to solve today's business challenges.

Sadly after these and a further cup of coffee, yes more drinking, I had to leave and return to college for an Audit Committee meeting, missing the promised evening DRINKS, well maybe next year, no definitely next year!



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