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Out with the old, in with the new: How law firms are driving efficiencies


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The legal sector is currently in a state of flux. Law firms are aware technology must be embraced to meet their full potential but very few have taken the plunge and tackled this issue head on. The inefficiencies in place within the industry must be resolved. Legal firms which ignore this need will struggle to meet their business growth goals and may even fail as a result.

Law firms must invest in new technologies to vastly increase productivity levels without hindering the service they offer to clients. For example, 42 per cent of legal firms state growth is hampered by legacy systems and updating such technology is a proven tactic to increase the workforce’s efficiency. Moving from age-old desktop computers to cloud-ready laptops or mobile devices means tasks carried out online can be completed faster. Meanwhile less technology issues means the IT team can help support growth targets, rather than constantly firefighting.

Alongside advancements to the IT infrastructure, law firms should also look to take advantage of emerging technology to ensure they are no longer playing catch-up with other industries. One of the most time consuming elements of a lawyer’s job is researching legal precedents ahead of their cases. Automation means lawyers won’t have to regularly trawl through mountains of books and journals for hours on end. Instead, more time can be spent adding value to the client, which in turn results in more referrals and increased business growth.



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