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SMEs: how to kick start your Cloud adventure


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The cloud can offer SMEs access to technology that they could not hope to own and operate themselves. But organisations looking at adopting the cloud for the first time should spend time looking at the business implications and deciding on the right approach. When resources are limited it is important they are allocated to the right cloud project and any risks must be contained.

The best starting point often involves taking on business applications that can help them at a tactical level to begin with, which is why backup and email are still seen as good starting points for entering the cloud. Other options which can quickly prove their worth to smaller firms include the provision and support of web services which need to be available 24/7.

In the SME space many businesses are operating with smaller IT teams made up of just one or two people compared to their larger counterparts. These employees often contribute a lot of good will through their work and put in the extra hours to make IT work. It can be a real leap of faith to transition immediately from this kind of hands on support to fully outsourcing business critical services from the word go. With cloud it’s often a balance of keeping the internal resources working well while enhancing areas that need attention.

So small tactical steps into the cloud are the way forward, utilising the technology to encompass areas where support cannot always be offered by the IT team.



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